Public Policy & Intelligence

Data & Information

Surveys, scans, and reviews, properly designed and tailored, meet information requirements, inform research design, and shape critical analysis.

Research & Analysis

Research and analysis informs, captures context, and shapes strategic thinking, prioritization, and planning.


Strategy & Policy

Policies, informed by strategy, align resources, inform goals, and shape priorities that yield program results or project conclusion.

Program Design & Evaluation

Program design, scoping, and resourcing establish criteria for evaluation. Program valuation ensures that approved programs are aligned, executed as intended, and productive.

Engagement & Education

Adaptive management, program context, and future options are created through stakeholder engagement. Resource sponsors, program managers, public audiences, and constituencies are critical to establishing and preserving programs or projects that meet intent and serve the public good. 

Retain our Services

Staff integration ensures continuity, context, and credibility. It also adds-value to mission by ensuring policy experts are engaged and ready to support mission and/or programs, regardless of where the program is in the policy life-cycle.

Next Steps...

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