Be Central Florida's premier think tank and public policy research firm.

We provide non-partisan research on public policy issues and program evaluation for non-profit organizations, private philanthropies, corporate social responsibility initiatives, government institutions, and community organizations and leaders. We also help private companies understand and monitor the public policy environment and advise strategic plan development.

Policy Research Institute of Orlando, LLC is the Central Florida region's own public policy "think tank"​- research and analysis firm.

We collect data and information, conduct research and analysis, advise strategy and policy, and facilitate stakeholder engagement and public education.

Our public policy focused research supports strategic, operational, and business-level decision-making and thinking for businesses engaging in corporate social responsibility and community outreach, government and non-government organizations, and community leaders and philanthropic organizations.

Strategic Level Analysis
Our strategic research portfolio focuses on Orlando’s role as an influential global city and its place as a leading community in the pivotal state of Florida, who’s destiny has both national and global implications for civil society, public security and safety, stability, and sustainability.

Operational Environment Analysis
Our operational research finds answers to public policy challenges or considers corporate and small business challenges related to public policies. Specifically, we conduct research that clarifies the external environment (political, economic, sociological, technological, legal, and environmental) and informs our partners (clients), the community, and public leaders so they can make smart, thoughtful, decisions while balancing their community's, associated stakeholders'​, and the public's interests.

Business (Tactical) Level Analysis
We also provide internals analysis that aids in the establishment of strategy and policy and evaluates public service focused programs, policies, and procedures (personnel, equipment, logistics, education, training, and development, operations, infrastructure and networks) for internal leadership or external stakeholders.

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