Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why do I need Policy Research Institute of Orlando, LLC?

Information offers a competitive advantage to those seeking to stay ahead of the curve. Information also offers an opportunity to learn and adjust priorities, policies, and processes more responsively.

Our services afford our partners an opportunity to closely monitor internal and external environments and perceive risks, pursue opportunities, and progress forward on behalf of your customers, partners, constituents, stakeholders, and/or shareholders:

  • For our partners who are public institutions (government, philanthropic foundations, or civil society associations) or leaders in the public or private sectors, information identifies risks and opportunities, but also shapes policy priorities and resource allocations. We can help with responsiveness, transparency, and compliance.
  • For our nonprofit partners, we can help advance your public-oriented charitable mission and help preserve your organization's policy, programs, and procedures alignment. We can also inform your team, board, and stakeholders of the environment in which your mission operates.
  • Corporations or Small business owners have limited resources to dedicate to policy research or monitoring and maintaining awareness of the environment. Our services can help to find new areas to grow into, shed unproductive efforts, or be more aware of the public policy environment that surrounds them. Our products can inform strategic shifts that provide opportunities small business owners might not perceive when running the day to day business operations.
  • For our profit-oriented corporate customers, we can help advance your chartered mission and help preserve your company's understanding of the internal and external environments. We can also inform your team, board, and shareholders of the complex environment in which you are operating.

How do your products get developed?

Our methods, processes, and techniques for product development are built upon years of experience and are derived from multiple professional disciplines and tradecrafts. Each of our research projects are unique because they are tailored to meet each partner's needs. The projects are responsive to partner feedback as the project unfolds and they discover new information needs. Expect information needs to change, as new information or insights discovered throughout the project could lend to new questions and new information needs.

Our research reflects not only our skill, but also our inherent and genuine curiosity. Our team has a real desire to learn from what we find and discover as we "dig," and it also helps us to refine our understanding of each partner's unique needs.

What is the framework of the relationship?

You are our partner and we consider ourselves to be a stakeholder in your continued success.

Our partnership model requires that we protect your processes and information needs when we help fill your information gaps, review your programs and processes, and offer strategic advice.

We will abide by a code of ethical conduct that protects both your mission and our reputation.