About Us

Policy Research Institute of Orlando, LLC is the Central Florida region's own nonpartisan public policy "think tank" - research and analysis firm.

Our starting premise is that Orlando is an established mid-size metropolitan area and global city. We believe that Orlando is a critical community for Florida and its impact and influence are felt both nationally and internationally.

Public policy research is about identifying opportunities and challenges that can be addressed through smart, informed, and well crafted public policies. Our research seeks to identify and shape opportunities, address and mitigate problems, and advise and shape the crafting of solutions.

Our research is intended to find answers to public policy challenges or consider corporate and small business challenges related to public policies.

Our profession's tradecraft empowers leaders by providing research and analysis that informs the crafting of smart, thoughtful, decisions that  balance our community's, associated stakeholders', and the public's interests. 

Our team at the Policy Research Institute of Orlando, LLC is growing and our work will continue to evolve with the projects we lead and the partners we serve. We are here to support our partners, the community, and its leaders.

Our mission is simple: but our chosen work is complicated in today's fast paced and information saturated environment.

We believe in this progressive, growing, and dynamic community that encompasses our Central Florida region (Eustis through Kissimmee; Sanford through Celebration; Orlando through Oviedo, and then out to the space coast).

The only promise we make is that we will be honest with, and loyal to, our partners and community.