Policy Research Institute of Orlando, LLC
Data and Information

Surveys, scans, and reviews. We will make sure we understand your information needs and then collect data and information that is accurate and relevant.

Research and Analysis

Methodologies and frameworks matter. Our understanding of the policy cycle and our leveraging of tailored Research Information Requirements (RIRs) yield research and analysis products that are well-scoped, objective, and insightful.

Policy and Strategy

Timely, complete, and usable. We advise after developing the most complete picture available to inform policies, engagement strategies, operational monitoring techniques, and internal procedures.

Program Design and Evaluation

Well scoped and properly resourced programs should be assessed regularly by relevant metrics.  Know whether policies are scoped, their resources are aligned, and whether programs are effective, efficient, or optimized.

Engagement and Education

Move knowledge and insight forward by engaging a public audience or constituency. Once our clients have an understanding of the environment, we can help build community through engagement, education, or advocacy through town halls, public panels, or stakeholder events.

Retain our Services (RoS)

Bring our expertise into your business rhythm and receive regular reports that close your information gaps. Regular reporting builds situational awareness and makes the external environment more predictable.